Est. 2018

SESSION is an Arts & Activism Collective, donation-based Tea & Arts House (Café, Theater, Studio, Stage, Pop-Ups) by RSVP, Podcast, and Media Network. Our goal is to provide people with free platforms and support to make money from their passions, and to create community-based businesses, networks, and projects in the process.

Why do we do this? We believe everyone deserves to live a life that affirms and sustains them without compromise. How do we do this? We donate our services, events, venues, and products to people for free, and suggest a monetary or in-kind donation in return. People have generously donated to us for our free services. We call this the “donation economy,” and it’s working.

SESSION started as a creative pop-up event in February of 2018, and continued as an event series over the next 6 months with performances, galleries, installations, screenings, listenings, and pop-ups. After a period of brainstorming and planning, SESSION relaunched in February of 2019 with the SESSION Tea & Arts House in Long Beach, CA, alongside the SESSION Live Podcast.

If SESSION sounds like something that could be useful to you, sign our Guest Book. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for invites to local & on-line events. If you’ve visited the SESSION Tea & Arts house, leave us a review on Yelp. Want to get involved further with SESSION? Contact us.